What Are Probate Notes?

Preparing for Probate Court

So, let’s discuss briefly today, probate notes. Frequently, clients will ask me what a probate note is. Well, simply stated, a probate note is a request for information or a question that needs to be answered, in order to put a petition before a court.

The Importance Of Having a Probate Attorney

So, as part of our practice, we file petitions all over the State of California, under various sections of the probate code or welfare and institutions code asking for all manner of relief for our clients. So we file these petitions, and these petitions are reviewed by court staff.

These staff could be referred to as probate attorneys or probate examiners, and they will review the petitions. And if they believe there’s information missing pertinent to the petition, or if they have questions regarding certain allegations made in the petition, they phrase those questions and those concerns in the form of a probate note.

So they published these probate notes to the court’s website. And generally about two weeks before a hearing, we will go on to the court’s website and see if the petitions we have filed have probate notes. And we will answer the questions and we will provide the information required. And that’s called clearing a probate note. And once we have cleared all of the probate notes, the petition is then ready for the court to act on.

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