WEBINAR: Got “Failure to Launch” Children? Use Trust Incentives.

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WEBINAR: Got “Failure to Launch” Children? Use Trust Incentives.

A 2019 study found that young adults whose parents were both supportive of their independence and responsive to their needs had more positive outcomes, such as better academic engagement, less delinquent behavior, and lower levels of depression, compared with young adults whose parents were uninvolved or too controlling. But how do you find the line between those extremes?

“For parents, the early years of adulthood, from ages 18-25, can feel like a stressful balancing act,” says Laura ­Padilla-Walker, a professor and associate dean in the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences at Brigham Young University.

In this special 45-minute webinar, Noelle will discuss the best ways to draft a trust to address “failure to launch” children and other beneficiary concerns. This will be a practical discussion of how an estate plan can include smart incentives and punitive terms to offer solutions to family struggles—even from beyond the grave.


Learn about key estate planning clauses for children (and other beneficiaries) who need may need extra incentives—and protections—in order to foster their growth long after you’re gone.

Presenter: Noelle Minto, Esq.
Webinar Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2021, at 2 pm PST
Hosted by: NM Law, APC

NOELLE R. MINTO, ESQ., N·M Law Managing Partner, has been a business and estate transactional attorney based in California since 2003. Her practice is unique in that she endeavors to represent clients, domestic and abroad, by bridging the gap between trust planning/administration and business planning and management. A graduate of George Washington University and Whittier Law School, Ms. Minto has been selected as a Southern California Rising Star by Super Lawyers, in 2008 and 2010. She speaks Italian, Spanish, and French.

For more information on Ms. Minto or N·M Law, please phone us at (949) 253-0000. You can also reach Ms. Minto via email at noelle@mintocounselors.com.

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