Will you be able to help your 18-year old in an emergency?

Create 3 legal documents every parent should have for their young adult children.


Why Do I Need These Documents?

NM Law, APC provides the documents needed to communicate with medical and financial institutions.


Power of Attorney

  • Make health care decisions if your child is incapacitated.
  • Make choices about who provides your child’s care.
  • Avoid court-appointed guardians.
  • Control end-of-life treatment decisions.


Power of Attorney

  • Manage bank & investment accounts.
  • Deal with credit cards & creditors.
  • Interact with landlords & insurance companies.
  • Carry out financial tasks for a child who is traveling or deployed.
  • Manage student loans & financial aid.


HIPAA Release Form Included – Designed to cover all health care providers.

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