Palm Desert is located in the heart of the Coachella Valley known as the cultural and shopping center of the desert communities. It is home to a wide variety of recreational, educational, and entertainment opportunities. It covers approximately 27 square miles with a population of just over 53,000 citizens and an average home value held at over $500,000.

The residents of Palm Desert and the state of California will find that the probate process, which is the handling of a loved one’s affairs after their passing, is a series of intricate documents and extended periods of waiting. At NM Law, APC, we pride ourselves on helping our clients relieve some of the pressure and stress-related challenges associated with probate, during what is already a very difficult time in life. We keep the family and estate executor informed and up to date with the process to make sure that the possessions of your loved one is distributed as efficiently as possible.


In order for a Will to avoid probate, it must go through the court process, mandated by law, which is expensive and timely. Many people don’t know that transferring a loved one’s assets based on a Will is not efficient, nor is it a quick way to handle your business. Additionally, all information pertaining to the decedent’s assets and the beneficiaries that are to receive them is a matter of public record and can be accessed by anyone. By comparison, a Trust Administration is a private process that gives the trustee immediate access to the assets and management of the trust.

The attorneys can help residents of Palm Desert with estate planning services. Regardless of which season of life you may find yourself in, we will proudly represent you in planning your affairs. In many family cases, estate planning can be simple or straightforward and brings a sense of relief to our clients.


Hiring our attorneys at NM Law, APC to handle your estate planning makes sure that your last wishes are detailed and documented properly. If, or when, a loved one passes without an estate plan, enters probate, and a dispute within the family arises, this usually requires an attorney to sort it out and work through the inheritance dispute. Our estate and probate litigation attorneys are well positioned in the San Bernardino court system to represent your case.

So many people think they are still young and healthy and that it’s too soon to start planning their estate, but NM Law, APC, highly recommends that you educate yourself as to why it is so valuably important to start planning now. Your family and beneficiaries are the ones that will benefit not only financially, but emotionally as well if you prepare a detailed estate plan. To see how we can help you set your affairs in order today, get in contact with us here.

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