Mira Loma is now officially part of Jurupa Valley in Riverside County, California, bordered to the south by the Santa Ana River. Mira Loma has many land parcels, including a large number of horse properties. With a total area of 8.1 square miles, most recent reports show a 2010 census with a population of over 21,000 citizens and an average home value held at over $745,000 according to Redfin.

The residents of Mira Loma will find that the probate process, which is the exchange of estate property after the passing of a loved one to its beneficiaries, is a series of intricate documents and long periods of waiting. At NM Law, APC, we are proud of the service we provide to our clients that can help to relieve them of some of the stress associated with probate, which is already a very distressful time in life. We take responsibility of keeping the family and estate executor informed and up to date with the process of probate ensuring that your loved one’s assets are distributed as effectively and efficiently as possible.


For a Will to avoid the process of probate, it must go through the court process, mandated by law, which is very expensive and time-consuming. Many people don’t know that to effectively and in a timely manner transfer a loved one’s assets, it shouldn’t be based solely upon a Will. In addition, all probate information involving the decedent’s assets and its beneficiaries on the receiving end becomes accessible to any person interested as a matter of public record. Compare that to a Trust Administration, which is a private process that allows the trustee immediate access to the assets and management of the trust.

Our experienced attorneys can help those residing in the city of Mira Loma with services in regard to their estate planning. No matter which season of life you may find yourself in, we would be proud to represent your estate plan. In many cases when it comes to family, estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be very simple and straightforward and it provides a sense of relief once it is completed.


When you hire our attorneys at NM Law, APC for your estate planning, we make sure that the documents are detailed properly, so that everything is as you wish. If, as is sometimes the case, a loved one passes away and does not have an estate plan prepared, it will enter probate, and should a dispute within the family arise, it will usually require an attorney to sort out the details and work through the dispute. Our estate and probate litigation attorneys are well positioned in the Riverside County court system to represent your case.

Many people believe that youth and health are on their side and that it might be too soon to start estate planning, but NM Law, APC, strongly suggests that you learn the importance of early estate planning. It’s those that are left behind that will emotionally and financially benefit from your planning and prepared estate. To learn how we can help you create your estate plan today, we invite you to get in contact with us here.

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