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Norco is a city located in northwestern Riverside County, California. It is considered a “horse community” with an abundance of horse trails and a population of 26,316. Norco has a median household income of $106,370.

What is Probate?

Probate is the process of settling a deceased person’s affairs. In the state of California, the probate process is cumbered with a number of detailed documents and lengthy waiting periods. Probate can be an extremely frustrating and time-consuming process. At NM Law, APC,  we pride ourselves in taking away the pain and stress of this challenge from our clients, at what is already a difficult time. We will make sure that your loved one’s possessions are distributed in the most efficient and stress-free manner possible, while keeping the family and executor updated along the way.

How to Avoid Probate with an Estate Plan

Many people do not know that passing assets to loved ones by relying on a Will is not an efficient or a fast way to handle your affairs. A Will has to be probated, which means it has to go through a mandatory court process which is costly and slow. Furthermore, all information pertaining to the decedent’s assets and the beneficiaries receiving assets can be accessed by anyone as it is a matter of public record. By comparison, a Trust Administration is a private process which provides the trustee immediate access to the trust assets and trust management.

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing estate planning services to all walks of life. We proudly represent the entire spectrum of clients from wealthy families analyzing the estate tax planning options that best suit their family and asset structure, to a new family purchasing a first home. In many family cases, estate planning can be done in a simple and straightforward fashion to bring a sense of relief to our clients.

How to Handle an Inheritance Dispute

When you hire our attorneys at NM Law, APC, for your estate planning, we ensure that your last wishes are properly detailed and documented. Should a loved one die without an estate plan, enters probate and there is a dispute within the family, this often requires an attorney to work through the inheritance dispute. Our team of estate and probate litigation attorneys provide strong representation in California courts, and are well-positioned in the Riverside County court system to represent your case.

Most individuals think that they are too young or healthy to start planning their estate. At NM Law, APC, we strongly encourage you to learn exactly why estate planning is such a valuable process. Your family can benefit financially and emotionally if you are prepared with a detailed estate plan. Contact us HERE.

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