Edward Stemmer, Esq.

Edward Stemmer, Esq. Estate Planning Attorney NM Law, APC

Edward A. Stemmer II is an Associate Attorney at NM Law, APC, practicing in Estate Planning. Mr. Stemmer focuses on assisting clients set up comprehensive estate plans including trusts, powers of attorney, and wills to ensure that any client is prepared for whatever obstacle life may hide in their path.

While assisting clients with their Estate Plans, Mr. Stemmer ensures the proper groundwork is laid for a smooth transition for your family in your absence, as the last thing a loved one wants to do is argue with a judge while dealing with their loss. He hopes that in assisting clients with their estate plans, he can help minimize the impact on a client’s loved ones by not only ensuring the client has their affairs in order, but also to help alleviate the loss by incorporating special provisions within the estate plan.

Mr. Stemmer assists in creating and funding trusts and ancillary documents to ensure the fruits of your labor go towards providing for your loved ones and the future generation rather than being tied up in court or going to the state.

Mr. Stemmer enjoys spending his free time with his dogs, taking his Red Husky and Black Lab to Barn Hunt competitions.

  • Chapman, Dale E Fowler School of Law; Juris Doctor
  • University of California, Irvine Criminology Law, and Society; Business Management
Bar Admissions
  • Member of the California Bar
  • Member of the Trusts and Estates Section
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