Alexander Bruce Hoyt-Heydon, Esq.

Alexander Bruce Hoyt-Heydon is a renaissance man turned attorney looking to help improve the lives of his clients through hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. Having passed the California Bar Exam only a few months before the global shut down caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Alexander has learned first hand the impact the struggles and difficulties people face when trying to navigate the legal world during a period of uncertainty and change. Having specialized in litigation during his time at Golden Gate University School of Law graduate, Alexander is eager to help clients deal with the realities of the court room towards their desired outcome.

Alexander brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his previous experiences in life. From learning discipline and strength through the martial arts, leadership and problem solving with the Boy Scouts of America, computer skills working in the IT field, or how his ability to communicate with anyone from his time making drinks behind the bar, Alexander carries with him a life story as dynamic as his personality. Now having emerged from the journeyman lifestyle brought on by the pandemic, Alexander is excited to be joining the team as an associate attorney.

Disclaimer: This information is intended to provide a general summary of laws in the State of California and should not be construed as a legal opinion nor a communication which forms an attorney-client relationship with the reader.

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